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    GK Law is a personalized Real Estate Lawyer firm that exceeds expectations in meeting all its client’s legal needs for real estate and business law. Whether clients are first time buyers or have purchased properties in the past, there can always be intricacies surrounding each unique transaction.

    GK Law’s legal team facilitates the negotiation and transaction completion process, along with assisting, understanding and calculating tax implications, whether land transfer taxes, property taxes, HST or even income tax. GK Law will complete various title and off title searches, and ensure that their clients have secured the correct property, free and clear of liens and other encumbrances, and ensure that proper insurance for their residential or commercial property has been obtained.

    The lawyers at GK Law work hard to protect their client’s legal rights for all their real estate and business transactions. At GK Law, we have over a decade of experience closing well over 10,000 transactions. We treat each of our clients as we would our family and friends, delivering warm and client focused service in Toronto and GTA. Real Estate Lawyers – GK Law would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary initial consultation and a no obligation quote for our legal services on any transaction.


    Welcome to our website eranlaw.com –  Real Estate Lawyer Toronto in Downtown .  Our boutique Law office is recognized for its excellence in providing legal services in residential and commercial real estate transactions providing the utmost care to our clients.  We take great pride in high quality, and efficient legal services at reasonable real estate lawyer fees. Our clients get results with their purchase and sale transactions on a timely and cost effective basis, and we are easy to get along with and will go the extra mile for you. We strongly believe in creating a healthy and beneficial relations with our clients so they can always feel comfortable when they visit our office and using legal our services. We will take great care of you by a personal service of a lawyer. 


    Have you found the house of your dreams?  Good, we are here to help!   Considering that purchasing your future home in Toronto is the single biggest investment you will ever make, it is imperative to hire an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto when buying or selling your home.   Although a real estate closing may seem like a simple routine transaction, they are often highly complex matters outside of the scope of a non-professional’s knowledge.  Eran Gevantschniter a professional Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario and will work with you and make sure that the purchase of your home dreams or the  selling  of your home ends up being a  successful experience from start to end of the transaction.  We strive to make your home purchase a hassle-free process, so that you can enjoy this important step in your life.  We worked on many transactions and with our experience you can be rest assured that your file will be in good hands especially with an experienced real estate lawyer such as Eran Gevantschniter. 


    Eran Gevantschniter a Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto has a sophisticated understanding of the Ontario, Toronto and the GTA  closing process, from the beginning with the initial phase of the transaction and ending with the closing.   By getting involved in the process at the very beginning, our clients are best served as these early steps provide the framework for everything that follows. We have the experience and resources to make sure that your dreams of owning a home are fulfilled.   We consider each transaction seriously learning all the facts involved including the challenging ones and striving for an excellent results for our clients. 

    Here is an overview of some of the functions of a real estate lawyer in Toronto in closing process.


    A residential Toronto real estate closing involves signing many documents, including but not limited to:

    · Acknowledgment and Direction Transfer / Title Deed

    · Acknowledgment and Direction Charge / Mortgage 

    · Purchasers closing documents

    · Sellers closing documents

    · Title Insurance Policy

    · Applicable Declarations

    · Warranty / Bill of Sale / HST 

    · Tax Certificates 

    · HST Rebates

    · Acknowledgement of Reports

    · Mortgages

    · Various Directions

    · Assisting in drafting clauses for amending an Agreement of Purchase and Sale 

    · And many more

    Eran Gevantschniter  Toronto Real Estate Lawyer can review, prepare, and explain all necessary documents related to your closing in order to make sure transaction run smoothly with an excellent results.

    Seif Law Firm is a leading law firm in North York. Our priority over the years has been forming solid relationships with every single one of our clients and doing our level best to maintain a good rapport with them. We provide Ontario notary public services you can count on. We thrive on excellence, and in addition to being an experienced notary in Toronto, we are proud to also offer other legal services.

    When you hire us, one of our dedicated lawyers will take the time to sit down with you one-on-one to ensure we understand exactly what your needs are. Then, we will work diligently to meet them.

    With the rapid growth of real estate in North York, there has never been a greater need for an experienced law firm equipped to handle North York condo transactions. At Seif Law Firm, we do just that and more.
    We thrive on excellent service and have a diligent team of real estate lawyers ready to help you navigate the legal aspect of the real estate field.

    Our Real Estate Transaction Services

    • Buying or Selling of Residential Property
    • Buying or Selling of Commercial Property
    • Mortgage Refinancing
    • Buying or Selling of the Assets of a Business
    • Transfer of Title to Your Spouse or Loved Ones
    • Completing Private Mortgage Transactions
    • Reviewing and Revising Residential Leases
    • Reviewing and Revising Commercial Leases
    • Providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Bank/Mortgage Documents, Separation Agreements, and Other Legal Documents
    • Registering Survivorship Applications, Court Orders, Applications (General), and Other Instruments on Title

    We focus on Real Estate, helping buyers and sellers with closings and Fixed Closing Costs.

    Our experience in Real Estate is extensive. With two lawyers available to answer questions and help you through the process, we believe you will become one of our thousands of satisfied clients. John Zinati only practices in Real Estate, has advised on Real Estate on CFRB and CTV, publishes the newsletter Title Tips and frequently speaks at Real Estate offices on current issues.

    Our staff has over 50 years experience in closing deals and is always available by email or phone to answer your questions. We are approved by all major lenders and Title Insurers and are fully integrated for electronic registration and mortgage delivery in Toronto and surrounding area.

    While some law firms do their Title Searches online, we still hire a professional title searcher to conduct our searches and provide a report on Title for our review before closing. This is included in our closing cost at no extra charge.

    No charge written reviews – We will provide you with a written review of your Condominium Status certificate or new condominium or home purchase agreement at no extra charge.

    Our offices are centrally located at Kennedy Road and the 401 and at Cityplace near Skydome in Toronto.

    With over 40 years experience supervising the processing of more than 75,000 residential real estate transactions in the GTA, and a growing network of 7 Toronto Area Law Offices, Stephen Shub and his dedicated team of over 35 professionals are the perfect choice when considering legal representation for your residential real estate transaction, whether buying, selling or refinancing a residence in Southern Ontario

    Our professional philosophy is to make your closing as stress-free as possible, from the moment you get your legal cost quotation from our office to the moment your deal closes.  Accessibility, convenience and efficiency are our top priorities when taking care of you and your real estate closings.

    Costa Law is a full-service law office Toronto that has earned a reputation for its creative and result driven approach to the law. Costa Law was founded by David Costa, and has expanded over the years to become what it is today – a well-established and respected firm.

    Our law firm marketing agency focuses on providing up to date website support. Our attorneys have the necessary knowledge, skill, and determination to achieve the results that our clients deserve. We have extensive experience arguing before all levels of provincial and federal courts, and have a deep understanding of the complexities of both procedural and substantive law. Our lawyers strive for optimal results and keep stay current with provincial and federal law. Our law office strives to provide excellent service, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal services at an affordable price.

    Located in the heart of Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario, Hummingbird Lawyers has prided itself on becoming an extraordinary boutique law firm. Since we began operations, Hummingbird has been dedicated to building a strong team of experienced and skilled lawyers. In that journey we formed a family.
    Our family is committed to being known for our deeds, actions and knowledge; not just our last names. We stand alongside one another and work together to provide a positive and lasting outcome to the situation at hand. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every client leaves our office satisfied, knowing that they have received a reasonable solution to any legal challenge.

    Being involved in any of the stages of the Toronto real estate market, whether it is buying or selling, should come with an advanced understanding of the benefits of working with an experienced Toronto real estate lawyer. When looking for the right real estate lawyer in Toronto, you need a team who is focused on your individual needs.

    A proactive real estate lawyer can give you timely updates as your transaction is unfolding. This law firm should have a dedicated portion of their practice associated with real estate law and real estate transactions. You should also be able to get prompt and accurate information over the course of your transaction, as the personal commitment from the lawyer can make the process easier for you.


    Why a Real Estate Lawyer Firm in Toronto Makes a Difference for Your Transaction

    Selling or buying property in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario or Canada is a major investment for the vast majority of people. Having dedicated and professional assistance from an experienced Toronto real estate lawyer firm is strongly recommended primarily because of all of the small details associated with your transaction.

    Since 1884, when George Gordon Mills and his brother Alex opened their first office in downtown Toronto, we have built our reputation by establishing long term, trusting relationships with our clients.

    Now, as before, the challenge faced by clients continues to be not just finding a competent lawyer, but one who will be accessible, responsive to client inquiries, and whose fees will be reasonable in the circumstances. Today, we proudly represent clients whose grandparents were served by founding members of our firm, and recognize that we have earned this multi-generational loyalty through consistency in knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail.


    Whether you are seeking advice for yourself, your family, a charitable organization, small business, or large multi-national corporation, Mills & Mills LLP has the knowledge and resources to serve your needs. Our legal professionals can advise and skillfully represent you in a wide range of practice areas. For over 130 years, Mills & Mills LLP has earned a reputation amongst our peers and clients for quality of service and breadth of knowledge.

    Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP is a Real Estate Law Firm that services all of Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in simplifying real estate transactions by leveraging our cutting-edge technology and well-established relationships with real estate agents, institutional lenders, private lenders, title insurance companies, among many other relevant real estate industry participants. Our team strives to deliver the highest personalized service at competitive rates. Our hours are flexible and our staff are very knowledgeable and accessible. We provide flat-rate retainers which allow us to offer the lowest price guaranteed and not take any legal fees up-front. We are not a directory or a franchise.


    OUR MISSION: Our Real Estate Lawyers strive to simplify real estate transactions while delivering the highest personalized service at competitive rates.



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